Chipotle Herb n’ Cheddar Gourmet Cheese Ball and Dip Blend

Chipotle Herb n’ Cheddar Gourmet Cheese Ball and Dip Blend

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Chipotle Herb n’ Cheddar

The Chipotle pepper is a ripe red jalapeno pepper that has been slowly wood smoked. Our Chipotle Herb n’ Cheddar Seasoning has just the right combination of savory herbs, relatively mild in flavor. The chipotle imparts a rich and woody spiciness to the blend. A little chipotle is a perfect addition to a variety of dishes. Makes an excellent cheese ball or potato chip dip! Spice up your grilled shrimp or simply mix it with unsalted butter for a dollop on a steak. Excellent on grilled corn on the cob!  1.10oz. (31g)chipotle herb1
Favorite Uses For:

  • Cheese Ball
  • Dip
  • Compound Butter for Grilled Corn
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Shrimp
  • Fish
  • Chicken

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