Finishing Salts


pinecone smallFinishing Salts A Finishing Salt is a sea salt that has been blended together with various herbs and/or spices.  These gourmet blends are then paired up with food and are used on dishes after it has been prepared, or near the end of cooking.  The result improves the flavor, aroma, texture, appearance and can become a regular gourmet addition to your meals. Click on one of our  products below to begin shopping!

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The Zesty Moose uses only fine sea salt in all of it’s products. Sea salt’s have a distinct mineral in them that your regular table salt lacks, because sea salt is unrefined. It is 100% natural and hand harvested. Sea salt typically has 98% sodium chloride and 2% minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and more. Being hand harvested, the sea salt still keeps the same flavor it had when it was removed from the ocean. Not only are you gaining healthy minerals, you are also getting different textures that enhance all of our seasonings.

Chili Lime
Habanero Orange
Lavender Herb n’ Pepper
Lemon Thyme