Hunt’s Brand Tomato Sauces

Hunt's Brand Sauces

Today’s featured brand pick is Hunts …….. Why Hunts? In sunny Oakdale, California, they have the perfect climate to grow the reddest and juiciest tomatoes! Hunts uses Flash Steam to peel their tomatoes instead of chemicals like some other brands. They are picked at the peak of freshness from the farm and to the can in a matter of hours. No preservatives are added in the process. Hunts canned sauces are made with all natural vine ripened tomatoes, salt and seasonings. There is no added sugar, corn syrup or sweeteners in the tomato products.  They have a variety of flavor options to choose from including Low Salt.

Their line features tomato products in every form, Crushed, Diced, Stewed, Paste, Puree, Whole and Sauces. , They also have a variety of Pasta Sauces, Ketchup and even a BBQ Sauce. The website offers a collection of recipes for their products that will certainly bring flavor to your table! Nutritional information is also listed for each product. Check out their site here:

We use several of their products including Crushed, Diced, and Stewed Tomatoes & Canned Sauces in many of our recipes. There are two things I primarily look at when making purchasing decisions about food. I am looking at the ingredients and basically the process or how the product is made. Often times you will need to refer to the company’s website for this information. I buy Hunts products mainly because of the Flash Steam Process they use verses chemicals. There is a lot of work involved in making a homemade sauce and using fresh tomatoes, cooking the sauce down and then straining it to a smooth consistency. My time is limited. I will mention that I use Hunt’s Garlic & Herb Pasta Sauce over their other Pasta Sauces, as those do contain High Fructose Corn Syrup and I have personally chosen to eliminate products that do contain that ingredient.  So again, if you are concerned about ingredients, I would choose one of their other varieties. I still recommend the overall Brand over other options, as the majority of their products do not contain it. The peeling process and harvesting at the peak of freshness is what gives it that homemade taste.  Taste The Hunts Tomato Difference!


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