Olive Oils & Vinegars

Olive Oils & Vinegars 

About Our Olive Oils, Authenticity and Quality

Our olives are grown, milled and harvested directly from an Estate with over 500 acres of olive trees in Northern California. There are 17 different single varietals of olives grown here alone making this producer the most awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the country. The past decade has seen an accelerated interest in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). The demand in the US has doubled, and today 98% of America’s olive oil supply is imported; and only 2% are being produced and consumed in the United States. Grade standards, labeling and compliance for olive oil authenticity and quality is inconsistent from country to country. It typically takes 3 Months for olive oil to arrive to the U.S. from Italy, Spain or Greece (the world’s major importers of olive oil). It is not uncommon for the bottles to sit on a shelf for weeks or even months thereafter. Discerning the truth has not been an easy path for food lovers to navigate. All of our oils are certified by the Olive Oil Commission of California.

On average, our bottles remain on our shelves no longer than 14 days. Our oils are blended and remain in stainless steel tanks until they are ready for bottling. We bottle our oils every 3 weeks to ensure our customers are getting the freshest olive oil and we hand fill and label each one.

From the Orchards to your table!

Infused Oils

Infused olive oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) into which a flavoring has been infused, typically a fruit such as citrus or an herb like basil, oregano, rosemary or spice such as garlic. When oil is infused, the flavoring is crushed and added to the vat of fresh-pressed olive oil or it is crushed along with the olives. This is referred to as “Argumato” and it is the superior technique for producing all of our infused oils.

Balsamic and Fruit Vinegars

A lot of love goes into these Artisan Vinegars! The hand selected and hand-picked fruits, herbs and vegetables are the key to the success of our flavors. We source a portion of our herbs locally and work directly with other growers and farmers who just like us are committed to the land. Whole fruits and herbs are placed in small vats along with an organic kosher base vinegar and then undergo a “mild” fermentation process. We hand fill and label each bottle.    This is Farm to Table Fresh!

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pear-ginger-wasabi-balsamic-vinegar Pear Ginger Wasabi Balsamic Vinegar

Price: $14.50

A one of a kind California Balsamic. It starts off with ripe California pears. The finest wasabi and ginger available are added. A touch of horseradish is added for that final flare.

For lovers of seafood and Asian cuisine, our Pear Ginger Wasabi Balsamic is fabulous as a finishing flavor over seared or grilled Ahi tuna or any fish. Add some soy sauce for dipping sushi. Try pairing it with our Persian Lime Olive Oil for a truly unique taste experience.  250ml (8.5 oz.)



blackberry-balsamic-vinegarBlackberry Balsamic Vinegar

Price: $14.50

This award winning California Balsamic is aged 4-5 years. Made with farm grown fresh blackberries, organic kiwi, citrus, ginger, chili and proprietary spices to create a rich smooth and sweet finish.

This balsamic is great on all types of greens and fruit salads and can be used as a marinade for steaks, chicken, pork, venison and duck. It pairs incredibly well with our Basil Infused, Garlic Infused or Persian Lime Olive Oil.

250ml (8.5 oz)



Mission Fig Balsamic Vinegar

Price: $14.50

Our Fig Balsamic is truly exceptional. It is made from handpicked figs from a select farm in California, and is carefully infused with an 18 year old barrel aged Balsamic from Modena, Italy. The result is a thick Balsamic that is glossy brown in color, with a strong finish and sweet undertones.

This unique combination offers a splash of sweetness, nuttiness and tangy richness to any meal. It may be used as a marinade, salad dressing or dipping sauce. It is great on ice cream, fresh fruit and aged cheeses.

It pairs well with our Basil Infused, Mandarin Orange and Meyer Lemon Olive Oils.  250ml (8.5 oz)

raspberry-basil-fruit-vinegarRaspberry Basil Fruit Vinegar

Price: $14.50

If you are looking for something that creates a truly fresh and springtime sensation, then our Raspberry Vinegar with Basil is for you. Made with ripe organically grown raspberries from the farm and sweet Italian Basil.

Our Raspberry and Basil Fruit Vinegar goes well on any green or fruit salad. It pairs well with our Persian Lime, Basil Infused or Meyer Lemon Olive Oils. Raspberry Basil has become one of our Best Sellers!   250ml (8.5 oz.)



mountain-spice-fruit-vinegarMountain Spice Fruit Vinegar

Price: $14.50

With the exotic flavor of kiwi and ginger up front, it ends with some chili pepper heat on the back end. This one of a kind vinegar is geared towards lovers of seafood and Asian cuisine. It is incredible as a finishing drizzle over seared or grilled Ahi tuna, salmon or swordfish. Mix it in with shellfish to create a spectacular ceviche. One customer claimed it was the best pork roast he ever had when he added our Mountain Spice Vinegar.

Pairs exceptionally well with any of the following olive oils: Persian Lime, Mandarin Orange & Garlic.   250ml (8.5 oz)


 persian-lime-evooPersian Lime Olive Oil

Price: $16.95

Our Persian Lime Olive Oil is a customer favorite! Only the ripest and most flavorful limes are used. They are cold pressed with a proprietary blend of just-harvested olives. A product of the meticulous Argumato method of crushing, this delectable oil strikes a balance between the lime’s tangy tartness, with the rich flavor of olives.

It will enhance any herb crusted fish and is fantastic on grilled or roasted chicken. Jazz up any salsa and guacamole combination as well as ceviche. A Sensation flavor for Tex-Mex and fajitas. Use it on popcorn or grilled corn on the cobb.

Pairs perfectly with our Blackberry Balsamic, or mix it with our Pear Ginger Wasabi Balsamic for an Asian flare.   250ml (8.5 oz)

meyer-lemon-evooMeyer Lemon Olive Oil

Price: $16.95

Our Meyer Lemon Olive Oil is gilded with the essence of citrus. It is cold pressed using the Argumato method of crushing the olives and citrus together. It has a sweet and tart taste of fresh lemon with a sweet and zesty intensity.

It livens up the taste of any fish, chicken or vegetable dish. Use it to sauté asparagus, drizzle over broccoli, seared fish or chicken.

This olive oil pairs well with our Mission Fig Balsamic

250ml (8.5 oz)

mandarin-orange-evooMandarin Orange Olive Oil

Price: $16.95

Our Mandarin Orange Olive Oil embodies the fresh aromatic fragrance of the California orange groves and provides a multitude of uses. Olives and Citrus are crushed together using the Argumato method.

Imagine its use over a risotto with mushrooms or in soy sauce that is poured over grilled pork loin with a touch of rosemary and cracked pepper. It marinates well over duck, venison, pork, chicken and fish. Vegetables come alive when drizzled on roasted beets or on shredded carrots with raisins. Use it in baking brownies or cakes.

This olive oil pairs well with our Mission Fig Balsamic

250ml (8.5 oz)

basil-infused-evooBasil Olive Oil

Price: $16.95

The infused oils that we make will use the freshest extra virgin olive oils available in our collection that are most aesthetically compatible with the natural products we use to flavor them with. This simple technique insures that the chemistry, freshness and quality of our infused olive oil are second to none.

Our Basil Infused Olive Oil has a fragrant aroma and is bursting with basil flavor! Use as a fresh basil substitute. This oil is simply incredible for dipping and for tossed salads when paired with our Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar. Use it on sandwiches, tomato and pesto sauces, and pasta. Drizzle over meat, fish, roasted vegetables or brush on pizza dough.

No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Ingredients, No Artificial Preservatives, No Artificial Sweeteners.   250ml (8.5 oz)


garlic-infused-evooGarlic Olive Oil

Price: $16.95

The infused oils that we make will use the freshest extra virgin olive oils available in our collection that are most aesthetically compatible with the natural products we use to flavor them with. This simple technique insures that the chemistry, freshness and quality of our infused olive oil are second to none.

Our Garlic Infused Oil is light and fresh, delightfully spicy for everyday cooking use when you want a quick burst of flavor. No more burning the garlic! Use as a garlic clove substitute. Use it for sautéing, wonderful on pizza dough or drizzle on meats before grilling. It’s a favorite for garlic bread and bruschetta; A true garlic lover’s delight.

No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Ingredients, No Artificial Preservatives, No Artificial Sweeteners. 250ml (8.5oz)

artisan-blend-evooArtisan Blend

Price: $16.95

This blend leads with a late harvest varietal of Estate Grown Olives giving this oil a full-bodied nutty aroma and flavor. We’ve introduced two Gold Medal Winning varietals into this proprietary blend to create our medium intensity olive oil which captures the tomato leaf aroma and fruit flavors with a spicy finish. The balance makes this blend well suited for baking, salads and delightful bread dipping.

250ml (8.5 oz)



chefs-blend-evooChefs Blend

Price: $16.95

Our Chef’s Blend uses an assertive olive varietal with warm toasted almond notes as the base. A select portion of Estate Grown Olives are allowed to ripen beyond the yellow-green stage to achieve a floral spicy and grassy bouquet with a ripe and nutty flavor. The delicate intensity of this olive oil blend comes from a varietal that offers tropical aromas and herbal flavors. The result is an outstanding trio of soft aroma and gently fruity flavors. It pairs well with warm comfort foods like cooked beans, mild soups and pasta.   250ml (8.5 oz)



rustic-blend-evooRustic Blend

Price: $16.95

Our Rustic Estate Blend is mainly a Tuscan varietal and has a naturally robust intensity due to the high levels of polyphenols. The style is kept green with a grassy flavor; highlighting a touch of ripe cherry notes on the finish. The essence of freshly ground coffee and subtle stone fruit and spice notes lends an elegant finish with lingering heat and ripe fruit impressions. Awarded as “One Of The World’s Best Olive Oils” Our Rustic Blend is best enjoyed with strong flavored foods; grilled and roasted meats. Robust oils are perfect for finishing! Drizzle on soups, roasted vegetables, and pastas to add a bold punch of flavor!

250ml (8.5 oz)


Premium Balsamic

Price: $14.50

This 4 year aged balsamic vinegar from Central California is a rich yet affordable condiment with a warm color and thick consistency and a great aroma. It is a good choice for the budget-conscious consumer who is looking for an everyday balsamic.

You will be able to taste and feel the difference between an aged vinegar and the cheap substitutes made by adding caramel or other products.  250ml (8.5 oz)


Ascolano Olive Oil


Price: $16.95

Our Ascolano Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fruity oil with tropical notes. This varietal originated in Italy and now is grown in California. This award winning oil has a mild to medium pungency and is especially suited for finishing dishes just before serving.

Ascolano olives are very large and require hand picking. They also have one of the lowest yields of oil in terms of tonnage. As a result, it is not widely planted and is truly a special treat to have! Pairs well with Blackberry balsamic and our Premium balsamic.  250ml   (8.5oz.)

D’Anjou Pear Golden Balsamic Vinegar

Price: $14.50

The natural sweetness of D’Anjou Pear is combined with the robust flavor of our Golden Balsamic Vinegar. It adds a fruity twist to the classic condiment.  The result is a sweet-tart
golden balsamic vinegar with fruity and floral aromas. Use in lieu of regular vinegar in dressings and marinades.Use as a finishing touch to wakeup roasted chicken, brush on pork as a glaze or drizzle over hard cheese.

Pairs well with our Mandarin Orange Olive Oil, Meyer Lemon Olive  Oil and Basil Olive Oil.  250ml (8.5 oz)



Winter Fruit Medley Fruit Vinegar

Price: $14.50

Made of organically grown apples and pears with cinnamon, clove and cardamom, this seasonal vinegar truly evokes the holiday feel. Available only seasonally, it
is ideal for use on turkey, in stuffing, and on a spinach salad. Use it as a topping for vanilla bean ice cream. It equally can be gently warmed and sipped as a relaxing

This unique vinegar pairs well with our Ascolano or our
Mandarin Orange Olive Oil. For an interesting side, mix it with our Majestic Wild Rice Blend.  250ml (8.5 oz)



25 Year Aged Balsamic Vinegar – “Cask 25”

Price: $27.50

A quarter of a century of traditional aging gives this ultra-versatile condiment an intense, complex flavor. Balsamic vinegars like this one are among the most prized of Italian elixirs, crafted from the pure wine must (unfermented grape juice) of white Trebbiano grapes, which is aged in wooden barrels according to time-honored techniques. From Modena, Italy, ours is made by slowly simmering the grapes in copper cauldrons, then combining the reduction with older balsamic vinegar to help speed acidification. The blend is transferred to oak barrels, which imbue the aged vinegar with rich aroma, flavor and color. Rich glossy brown color, smooth complex flavor with a
balance of sweet and tart with hints of cherry. Drizzle over fresh fruit, ice cream, gelato or over your favorite cheese.  250ml (8.5 oz)