Pictsweet Frozen Vegetables


When you spend some time getting to know the story behind the Pictsweet Company you will appreciate the commitment and hard work forged by this family owned and family run business for 4 generations. J.O. “Tank” Tankersley was the man behind the vision of taking power from hydroelectric dams and significantly reducing the cost of operating “quick freeze” commercial freezers. His innovation to apply this to crops of vegetables would expand the frozen vegetable industry.

And so a family legacy was born. It’s a legacy that evolved out of hard work, perseverance and dedication to growing the best vegetables, picking them at just the right time and using the best practices to get them to people at their peak of flavor. This family tradition of hard work and commitment continues, and it has made Pictsweet one of the best growers and distributors of frozen vegetables in the United States. Since 1945, they have been serving your family the same vegetables they serve to theirs.

Pictsweets All Natural Vegetables include over 80 delicious varieties ranging from regional specialties like cut Okra to America’s all-time favorites like Green Peas. Their website has some tasty recipes to choose from for making soups & salads, appetizers, baked goods, entrées, and side dishes. Here is a link to their website: pictsweet.com

I buy fresh vegetables whenever possible but during those Months when I am unable to get them fresh, I will use Pictsweet’s Deluxe and Natural varieties. They also offer Steam’ables, which are microwavable and convenient for busy families; as well as their New Deluxe Sides. Now you can serve up indulgent dishes that look and taste like gourmet without a lot of time or effort. With Deluxe Sides, you just heat and serve right in their own handy package. I have not personally tried the Steam’ables or Deluxe Sides.

Pictsweet ….From The Farm and To The Table…There’s no better reason to indulge in a tantalizing treat that just happens to be good for you!


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