29 Point BBQ Rub Set


Gift Box Set Includes: Carolina Style BBQ Rub, Kansas City Style BBQ Rub, Memphis Style BBQ Rub and Texas Style BBQ Rub.

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The average adult Bull Moose has anywhere from 16 to 28 points or “tines” on its rack. 28 points is considered rare and anything beyond that is considered to be trophy perfection. So it is only fitting for us to name our new Barbeque Line, 29 Point BBQ Rubs & Sauces. “One Point Above BBQ Perfection.”

There are four main regional varieties of traditional slow-cooked barbeque. Memphis and Carolina which rely pretty much on pork, Kansas City and Texas which utilize beef as well as pork. The unique style of each one is what makes BBQ special. Our rendition for each style of barbeque captures the authentic taste and flavors that are consistent with each region. Barbeque (BBQ) refers to a technique of cooking that involves cooking meat for long periods of time at low temperatures using various types of wood which imparts a different flavor, a technique called smoking. Dry Rubs are an essential component in barbeque. Depending on the style, the sauce may be the signature ingredient. We have created 4 classic dry rubs which is the base for achieving great flavor in BBQ. Our 29 Point BBQ Rubs can also be combined with additional fresh ingredients to create an authentic sauce derived for each style. That’s The 29 Point BBQ Perfection!


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