Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The infused oils that we make will use the freshest extra virgin olive oils available in our collection that are most aesthetically compatible with the natural products we use to flavor them with. This simple technique insures that the chemistry, freshness and quality of our infused olive oil are second to none.

Our Garlic Infused Oil is light and fresh, delightfully spicy for everyday cooking use when you want a quick burst of flavor. No more burning the garlic! Use as a garlic clove substitute. Use it for sautéing, wonderful on pizza dough or drizzle on meats before grilling. It’s a favorite for garlic bread and bruschetta; A true garlic lover’s delight.

No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Ingredients, No Artificial Preservatives, No Artificial Sweeteners. 250ml (8.5oz)

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Infused olive oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) into which a flavoring has been infused, typically a fruit such as citrus or an herb like basil, oregano, rosemary or spice such as garlic. When oil is infused, the flavoring is crushed and added to the vat of fresh-pressed olive oil or it is crushed along with the olives. This is referred to as “Argumato” and it is the superior technique for producing all of our infused oils.

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