Mountain Spice Fruit Vinegar


With the exotic flavor of kiwi and ginger up front, it ends with some chili pepper heat on the back end. This one of a kind vinegar is geared towards lovers of seafood and Asian cuisine. It is incredible as a finishing drizzle over seared or grilled Ahi tuna, salmon or swordfish. Mix it in with shellfish to create a spectacular ceviche. One customer claimed it was the best pork roast he ever had when he added our Mountain Spice Vinegar.

Pairs exceptionally well with any of the following olive oils: Persian Lime, Mandarin Orange & Garlic.   250ml (8.5 oz)

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A lot of love goes into these Artisan Vinegars! The hand selected and hand-picked fruits, herbs and vegetables are the key to the success of our flavors. We source a portion of our herbs locally and work directly with other growers and farmers who just like us are committed to the land. Whole fruits and herbs are placed in small vats along with an organic kosher base vinegar and then undergo a “mild” fermentation process. We hand fill and label each bottle.    This is Farm to Table Fresh!

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