Premium Balsamic Vinegar


This 4 year aged balsamic vinegar from Central California is a rich yet affordable condiment with a warm color and thick consistency and a great aroma. It is a good choice for the budget-conscious consumer who is looking for an everyday balsamic.

You will be able to taste and feel the difference between an aged vinegar and the cheap substitutes made by adding caramel or other products.  250ml (8.5 oz)

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Though the process of making aged balsamic vinegar is complicated, it is simple as well. It does not involve additives, or spices, or flavoring. Unlike ordinary vinegar that has its origins in alcoholic liquid, true balsamic vinegar is produced directly from grape juice.

Late harvest, white and sugary grapes, such as Trebbiano, are used. Their liquid, called “must,” is boiled in an open vat over a fire. The must cannot be allowed to ferment. After a series of boiling down and filtering of the must, it’s then poured into wooden casks after cooling down.

Over time, a series of decanting and topping off is completed in a set of wooden casks. The wooden casks are made from oak, cherry, ash, chestnut, mulberry, or juniper trees and all are former wine casks, which will impart flavor components into the balsamic vinegar.

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