Rustic Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Our Rustic Estate Blend is mainly a Tuscan varietal and has a naturally robust intensity due to the high levels of polyphenols. The style is kept green with a grassy flavor; highlighting a touch of ripe cherry notes on the finish. The essence of freshly ground coffee and subtle stone fruit and spice notes lends an elegant finish with lingering heat and ripe fruit impressions. Awarded as “One Of The World’s Best Olive Oils” Our Rustic Blend is best enjoyed with strong flavored foods; grilled and roasted meats. Robust oils are perfect for finishing! Drizzle on soups, roasted vegetables, and pastas to add a bold punch of flavor!

250ml (8.5 oz)

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Our olives are grown, milled and harvested directly from an Estate with over 500 acres of olive trees in Northern California. There are 17 different single varietals of olives grown here alone making this producer the most awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the country. The past decade has seen an accelerated interest in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). The demand in the US has doubled, and today 94% of America’s olive oil supply is imported; and only 6% are being produced and consumed in the United States. Grade standards, labeling and compliance for olive oil authenticity and quality is inconsistent from country to country. It typically takes 3 Months for olive oil to arrive to the U.S. from Italy, Spain or Greece (the world’s major importers of olive oil). It is not uncommon for the bottles to sit on a shelf for weeks or even months thereafter. Discerning the truth has not been an easy path for food lovers to navigate. All of our oils are certified by the Olive Oil Commission of California.

On average, our bottles remain on our shelves no longer than 14 days. Our oils are blended and remain in stainless steel tanks until they are ready for bottling. We bottle our oils every 3 weeks to ensure our customers are getting the freshest olive oil and we hand fill and label each one.

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