White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Our White Truffle Oil is made with natural truffle oil blended with certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil and offers a clean smooth finish. This uncommonly strong white truffle flavored oil is aromatic and rich in truffle flavor. This fine oil can be used in an impressive selection of masterpieces such as salads, vegetables, grilled meats, pizza, pasta, risotto and egg dishes. A small splash of our highly recommended Truffle Oil can transform the simplest dish into a culinary masterpiece.

250ml (8.5 oz)

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Infused olive oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) into which a flavoring has been infused, typically a fruit such as citrus or an herb like basil, oregano, rosemary or spice such as garlic. When oil is infused, the flavoring is crushed and added to the vat of fresh-pressed olive oil or it is crushed along with the olives. This is referred to as “Argumato” and it is the superior technique for producing all of our infused oils.

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