Smoked & Infused Salts

Smoked Salt Rubs

Our Artisan Smoked Salts are 100% naturally smoked. No liquid smoke, artifSmoked Salt Rubsicial flavors or coloring are added. Smoked Salts can be used when you don’t have the luxury of owning a smoker, but you still want the naturally smoked flavor that a smoker gives. Smoking permeates the meat and using various types of wood will impart a different flavor to your food. We then select specific herbs and spices that will enhance the unique flavor of these artisan salts. Each batch is then hand blended together for an authentic smoked salt rub, you won’t find anywhere else!

Applewood Smoked Salt Rub

Alderwood Smoked Salt Rub

Hickory Smoked Salt Rub

Artisan and Infused Sea Salts

The finest Sea Salts from around the Artisan and Infused Saltsworld are brought right to your table at a cost you can afford. These Artisan and Infused Salts add Flavor, are unfiltered and contain nutrients. We hop you enjoy our selection of fine Artisan Infused Sea Salts….You just have to try to see what we mean.

Any dish can be transformed with just a pinch of the right salt. Sprinkle one of these gourmet salts onto your next meal and treat your taste buds and impress your guests.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Hiwa Kai Hawaiian Black Salt

Roasted Garlic Salt

Sel Gris French Grey Salt

Sriracha Salt

Thai Ginger Salt

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