Tillamook Brand Dairy Products


Our first featured Brand Pick is Tillamook….An Award-Winning, Farmer-Owned Dairy CO-OP from Tillamook, Oregon with over 100 years of cheese making expertise, all of their products start on the farm. Made up of nearly 100 farmer families, their commitment is to provide the highest quality dairy products to your table. Thank You to all of those farmers for their hard work, blood, sweat and tears because that is what gives their products additional value. Make sure you go and check out their complete story here! I simply love the History behind the Name. Not only do they make award winning cheeses, they offer a complete line of dairy products which include Butter, Sour Cream, Yogurt and Ice Cream! Tillamook has just recently introduced their New Line of Farm Style Greek Yogurt! They were offering up some tasty samples at the Winter Fancy Food Show held last Month in San Francisco! I would say there were well over 150 cheese booths alone, but you wouldn’t know it as I found myself always sneaking back to the Tillamook booth for another taste….. As did everyone else, because they always had a line! For 50 Years, Tillamook’s beloved “Tillie” The Brown Cow has captured the hearts of many fans!


We use Tillamook’s Unsalted Butter and Sour Cream in all of our original recipes that we feature on our Blog. These products are also blended together with our Finishing Butters and Gourmet Dip Blends and are served and sampled at various shows and events.


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