Tuscan Herb Baked Flounder

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Flounder is a lean, flaky fish with a mild sweet taste and firm texture. It is easy to over power the flavor of this delicate fish so I used the Tuscan Herb & Garlic Bread Dipping Blend and the flavors paired nicely together. I actually found US Pacific Wild Caught Flounder in the market, labeled with the Marine Stewardship Council MSC Blue Eco Label! Refer to our recent blog post entitled;  Something’s Fishy.  Flounder is moderately high in Omega-3’s; so this dish is quite healthy and the prep time was so simple. I served this with our Citrus Angel Hair Pasta which cooks in 90 seconds, then drizzled the pasta with our Parmesan Pepper Pesto Bread Dipping Blend. If you have omitted pasta out of your diet, you could easily serve this fish with a nice size portion of vegetables or even a tossed salad. Our bread dipping blends can be used for a variety of dishes and not just for dipping bread; and this is certainly one of them! Give this recipe a try!

Tuscan Herb Baked Flounder


½ lb. or (2) 4oz. flounder filets
1 T. unsalted butter, melted
2/3 C. Panko bread crumbs, finely crushed
¼ C. parmesan cheese, grated
2 tsp. Tuscan Herb & Garlic Bread Dipping Blend
Olive Oil for brushing


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In the microwave, melt the butter.

Cheese Crumbs

In a bowl combine the butter, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese and the Tuscan Herb & Garlic Blend.
Stir until combined.

Olive Oil

Brush both sides of the flounder filets with olive oil so that the dry mixture adheres to the fillets better.


Dredge filets into dry mixture and coat both sides.

Ready to Bake

Place the filets into a greased dish and bake until fish flakes easily about 25 minutes.

Yield: 2
Total Time: 50 min.
Prep Time: 15 min.
Cook Time: 25 min.

Finished Pic

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