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New vinegars are now available online and in store. Our Winter Fruit Medley Vinegar starts with fresh hand picked apples and pears grown on an organic farm. A true seasonal treat for the holidays. Great on leftover turkey. This makes the perfect dressing for the ultimate spinach salad. Try on fruit for a little zing. Works well as a pork marinade. We call this Apple pie in a bottle.
Our D’Anjou Pear Golden Balsamic adds a fruity twist to the classic condiment.  The result is a sweet-tart golden balsamic vinegar with fruity and floral aromas. Use in lieu of regular vinegar in dressings and marinades.Use as a finishing touch to wake up roasted chicken, brush on pork as a glaze or drizzle over hard cheese. We also have a 25 year aged balsamic now available!


Zesty Moose Gourmet BlendsWelcome to The Zesty Moose!

We Believe All Food Should Be Savored! At The Zesty Moose, we believe that each and every bite should be “Wild About Flavor.”In fact, it’s the only way our Artisan Crafted Gourmet Blends are created. We are known for our authentic tastes and flavors. We start by using the finest premium herbs and spices into our small batch productions. This guarantees that our products are fresh. It’s the attention to quality and the artfully crafted blending of ingredients that exhibits our passion for creating original specialty blends suitable for home cooks to chefs.Specialty is more than ordinary. Our blends offer a distinctive flavor you won’t find anywhere else! Our products maintain a high perceived value and can be used in a variety of ways. We promise to deliver an extensive collection of culinary products and spice blends to help you create savory dishes or simply enhance the flavor of your food. Original recipes are developed specifically for our culinary line. Busy families will appreciate simple recipes that incorporate the use of fresh ingredients for everyday cooking use. Transparency about the ingredients we are using remains a priority.In fact, at The Zesty Moose we believe in brand ownership. Our brand promise guarantees we are never using any MSG, Fillers or Preservatives in our products. Excessive amounts of sugar and salt are not added in order to cut costs. All of our products are Gluten-Free.The Fine Art of Flavor Layering Is A Craft…When It’s Done Right, It Should Be Savored. We Are Wild About Flavor!Enjoy!
Brian & Diana